Water Features

After the initial contact, we will arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

Planning a Pond

We will spend time with you, discussing your ideas or plans for the pond or water feature you require.
A design can be produced, incorporating required features into the existing characteristics of the intended site.

Following this visit we will develop a quotation, that will detail the materials to be used, tasks to be carried out, price and terms and conditions.


Construction involves:

  • The excavation and shaping of the pond, to meet the planned size and depth required
  • The fitting of suitable underlay and pond liner
  • The installation of a pump and filtering system along with a safe electrical supply if required

The types of Ponds we construct include:

  • Koi ponds
  • Garden Ponds
  • Wildlife/Natural Ponds

Planting the Pond

Planting schemes can be developed, the plants selected, supplied and planted as required.

Pond Maintenance

To get the most from your pond, regular care and maintenance is recommended. Keeping your pond in excellent condition will provide an environment for healthy fish and plants, creating a feature you want to share with your friends and family.

Autumn Gardens offer a service to suit your needs, from annual maintenance contracts, pond cleaning on request and trouble shooting services.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We will agree a maintenance schedule to fit your needs.

Typically we will visit in early spring to prepare your pond for the summer months, then return in the autumn to prepare the pond for the winter months.

Early Spring

  • Cleaning the pond if required
  • Maintain the filter system and pump if required
  • Splitting and re-potting plants
  • Check your fish are healthy
  • Tidy area surrounding the pond including planting if required.


  • Cut back the summer growth on the pond plants
  • Remove any decaying plants or leaves from the pond
  • Maintain the filter system and pump if required
  • Clean the pond bottom if not done in the spring
  • Check your fish are healthy
  • Tidy area surrounding the pond ready for the winter months

Trouble Shooting

  • Finding and repairing leaking ponds and water features